Biomass Systems


Turblown can supply/install complete biomass boiler solutions built in to a steel container which offers many different options to the customer.   These systems can house the boiler, fuel store, flue, buffer tank, expansion vessel, pumps, all components and pipework.  However, as each system is bespoke – we can tailor your containerised system to meet your requirements and alternatively, for example, you could house the fuel store in an adjoining hopper/store room.

District Heating

A district heating scheme uses a centralised boiler(s) to provide heat and hot water to a number of properties via underground insulated pipe.

District heating allows our customers to heat a number of their properties, e.g. domestic dwellings, workshops, offices etc.

Grain Drying

We can provide farmers with a profitable solution to the high costs of drying grain by using a biomass boiler to provide heat to their grain drying process – whether it be a tray drier, continuous drier etc.

Combined System

Our combined systems are ideal in situations where there is a very wide range of heat demand.  With a combination of the high output Kalvis M-1 and the sophisticated, fully automatic Froling boilers these systems can satisy high heat demand (e.g. grain drying in the summer) or very low heat demand (e.g. domestic hot water for one house in the summer).  The fuel supply equipment is shared between the two boilers; saving on installation cost, space and making the system more user friendly.